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Version 1.0

posted 7 Feb 2011, 04:52 by RK Black
OK once again I when back to the API level of the program and redid it, This new version now tracks the program so
that we can make sure the program is accessing the right parts of the API as I have plains to use it for other Android
apps in the future.

Version 1.0 also as had a alignment fix on the buttons so auto rotation should not make the button move to silly places,
I also have changed the style just a little to support the new release, a bug in the website opening came back in version
0.6, from what I can see I have fixed it once again if any problems please report it thanks.

Version 1.0 like version 0.6 returns your Internet IP (WAN) and your Hosta address. it also now returns the API version
its using in the about box.

No major updates are planed for version 1 at this time as I feel adding more gimmics will harm the project not make it better.